Going through all the statistics to optimize income in a dynamic atmosphere can become a daunting task. We’ve dealt with millions of pageviews per day with time sensitive pricing. Let us crunch all the numbers. Get in touch with us today and we'll be happy to help with any further questions.


Pay per click (PPC) and cost per click (CPC) is one tool in online advertising. It is an ad that will cost the advertised company a predefined amount of money when clicked. Then the ad takes the potential customer to a webpage the company created. Regardless if the ad is clicked or not, the potential customer will still see the ad, just like a highway billboard. We’ll find the optimized pay/cost to create a profit for you.


Traditional advertising is a large focus for many companies. This includes ads done on billboards, posters, radio spots, press releases, TV commercials, and more. Some of these are considered brick and mortar advertising and we use consultants better versed in the specific geographic areas to work through the logistics of optimizing revenue.


Optimizing revenue is the major goal for any advertising campaign. We use large amounts of data to figure out where we need to make changes. If you’re paying too much for an online ad, we’ll know. If you don’t have enough online ads, we’ll know. Solutions come in many forms and it could be as simple as moving one ad to ‘below the fold’. This truly comes down to a numbers game based on the statistics we collect. We create standard summary reports to save you time and create a better whole picture.