Search Engine Optimization is a crucial aspect for any website. It engages your domain with the rest of the endless internet. What’s the purpose of a website that nobody visits? Let our team help drive your online traffic. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help with any further questions.

On page content refers to all of the “words” on your website. These “words” will be used in an HTML format to ensure all of your content is recognizable to search engine spiders. Then the spiders will read through your website and decide how to categorize your domain and all of its pages. It’s important that the “words” be used correctly in the possible 100’s of different places of a domain.

Off page content is how other websites talk about your domain. Think back to high school and all of the gossiping you heard. Gossip is one way to compare off page content. Good or bad, it is going to exist on the internet and you want to stay proactive to help your brand stay intact. When people are talking about your company, make sure it reflects the correct mission and goals of the whole company.

The reports we use to gauge our progress are in depth and full of data. We’ll consolidate the cluster for you. All this data helps us understand the current online reach of your company and helps you decide the next steps. SEO campaigns can be large or small; you’ll decide what level of promotion you want. Most clients start out small and keep a close eye on the results. Expansion within their budget is almost always the decision. The most direct relation you’ll see is level of campaign: new customers. As our campaign grows, your customer base will grow.